Act on Liability for Injuries from Unsafe Products, B.E. 2551 (2008)

You may recently be aware of the effective launch of the above Act which is scheduled from February 20, 2009 onwards. How would this affect you as the Business Operator?

Surely it would! Whether you are Manufacture, Seller or Importer of Product, you will legally be held responsible to indemnify Consumers and/or Users compensation for their Bodily Injury, Death or Property Damage arising from the use of such unsafe product regardless of intention or negligence. Moreover, the compensation can also include any consequences of physical loss in respect of Emotional Distress.

Unsafe Product means a Product that causes or may cause Injury, whether by reason of defective manufacturing or design process or by failure to provide instructions for use or storage, or warnings or information concerning the Product, or such is provided but is inaccurate or not as clear as it should be, taking into consideration the condition of the Product and the normal manner of using or storing such Product as might be expected.

In the past the Consumer Protection in Thailand was still in early-birth. On the top, peoples' awareness to protect his or her well-being is limited to well-to-do groups. However, with the Act coming into place, People in general are more knowledgeable in taking necessary steps to secure their rights through lawsuits and litigation.

Any unforeseen negligence can happen . . . your legal liability travels with the product you manufacture, sell or import. Why should you leave an exposure unattended? When a protection is available with Product Liability Insurance. Talk to us at CHAZ Insurance Brokers.

Product Liability Insurance will indemnify on behalf of the Insured in respect of their legal liability for bodily injury or death or property damage sustained by third party caused by an alleged defect in respect of products manufactured, sold, handled, distributed or disposed of by the Insured.

In any circumstance, you may be exposed to litigation or brought into class actions as a result of alleged defects or even improper use is involved. The loss payments and defense costs from such lawsuits can eventually weaken your financial figures. With Products Liability Insurance, your exposure can be transferred.

Please provide us these preliminary information which is sufficient to indicate the premium cost:

Insured Name
Insured Business

Insured Products
Limit of Liability requested

Estimated Annual Turnover Countries to be insured Territory/Jurisdiction requested

It is far better to pay insurance cost than to pay such a high-learning experience price plus an inevitable damage to your company reputation.

For more detailed information, please contact your respective Account Executive.

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