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Homeowner Insurance Package ‘Lifestyle Issentials’

CHAZ has recently launched Homeowner Insurance Package called 'Lifestyle Issentials'. It's a program which has been designed for individual protection. Besides the main homeowner coverage, you have options to buy other invaluable insurances, including Jewelry, Luxury Watches, Gold, Fine Arts, Mobile Phone, Laptop Computer, Golfer's Indemnity, Personal Accident, Motor or even Medical Insurance.

The above comes in a complete package and in a bundle in which you won't find anywhere else.

Call us for further information and for your excellent benefits.

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New channel of Premium Payment

New payment facility is now available at CHAZ!

It's quite easy to get your insurance premium settled at the bank counter, the same way you usually pay for your utility bills.

On the top of that, payment by credit card is also available; another transaction to earn reward points.

Please download the form here.

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Canapaya Mini-Marathon I

This Canapaya Mini-marathon 2014 was co-sponsored by CHAZ Insurance Brokers Ltd., with a purpose to promote for families, as well as the general public, a chance to get themselves indulged in exercising for health.

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Donation for Children Foundation

CHAZ Insurance Brokers Ltd via Khun Pongsakorn Vuddhidharothai made a donation of BHT 8,200 for Books for Children Foundation plus other items e.g. books and stationeries to the said Foundation to further into those children and families in need.

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