Soadthiya Teevorachevin, Corporate Planning & Development

: 01 Oct 2001

What has brought you into the insurance-broker business?
It was not expected! I actually was looking for a new job at that time and I was introduced to a person here. He was supposed to introduce jobs somewhere for me but it happened that interview was arranged here and after all I was already here then.

At that moment, I was not quite certain whether I would do well here. I had no background about any non-life insurance knowledge, I started from zero. I could still remember the first question I asked ‘what's the role of Insurance Broker?' 

What is the most entertaining part in your position?
I do enjoy many things on the job but the most is freedom and flexibility. Freedom in the sense that I CAN THINK, CAN DO and CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. I know there is a forum for me to speak. Flexibility here means the ability to implement things at an appropriate pace. If any proposal or suggestion of mine is suitable and valid, then it's not too long before things can get done. These are what I enjoy, for things can move faster with quicker action.

I am always involved in a number of projects and this is good because all come with plenty of challenges. Varieties from projects help reduce boredom which can happen to everyone at any time including me. However, projects are the EYE OPENER for me. I learn new things on every project I am in and this is the advantage.     

What sorts of changes have you discovered since you have started your employment?
I have seen lots and lots of changes since the time I joined, especially in the way we do our work. Continuous improvements in working process are implemented from time to time by means of technology, infrastructure and human capitals. We have better people to service our clients. The betterment is the mix and match of proper training for existing members as well as recruitment of new breed.

I could say that not all changes bring result as we would have expected but at least it showed that the company is trying to do something. I am very certain that the recent change in our corporate identity will be a big shift in CHAZ history. Our professionalism and efficiency can be witnessed through presentation.

By the way, another change which is clearly visible is the average age of our people. It's getting younger!

In your opinion, what is the culture of CHAZ?
It's a bit difficult to identify the culture here. I understand that the company is about to develop the CHAZ culture which is understood and practiced by everyone. I would say it's like a FAMILY rather than hierarchical ranking, OPENNESS, FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION, to say at least.

How would you persuade people to come and work for the Company?
Very simple and you are a somebody. You are being recognized and heard. There is no distance as such between the bosses and the employees; close-knit relationship is common here. More importantly, opportunity is open for everyone. It's a place to show how outstanding performance of yours can be and of course you are assured of good rewards.

Come and taste your great achievement with us. I couldn't see any point of not being with us as the company has put an immense value on PEOPLE and I could say from my experience as one of the voices amongst members.

How would you look at yourself and the Company in the next 3-5 years?
Of course I will be getting older with the company!

CHAZ will be the preferred and intelligent choice of Insurance Broker in the Thai market. We will be a billion baht premium company with highest growth rate in the industry. Our engine will be run by top-notch professionals and also good people in the industry will love to be here to meet the challenges. They will be enjoying their richness together with the company and also enjoying our workplace so much that CHAZ will become their life-long employment.


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