Wanchai Mankeaw, Customer Relationship Manager

: 01 May 1987

What has brought you into the insurance-broker business?
First of all I came into this business without any anticipation that I would have been working in anything or any business that I would like. The only reason then was to get a job, having salary and to try to do my best.

To begin with, any responsibility might not be so important. But along the way I have gathered what the business was all about, I came to know what insurance broker really was. It was all about the benefit which the persons who bought the policies would receive if there happened to be any damage. The knowledge which I have gathered since then has made me grow until now.

What is the most entertaining part in your position?
I can truly say that it suits my personality really well. There have been several points which I feel a lot of fun, for instance:

  1. To act as Co-ordinator between the Company and client and to do so with prompt action to eliminate any problems that might happen.
  2. To meet and get accustomed with clients, particularly Indians.
  3. To be accepted by co-workers in terms of friendly gestures.
  4. To accept any suggestions from clients in terms of service and to make any corrections so that improvement can be made.

What sorts of changes have you discovered since you have started your employment?
Major changes which I have found since I have started working here is its several and continuous developments. We used to rent a small office in Rajawongse area, but now we have purchased a space of around 900 square meters and have it established as our own office at Ocean Tower II in Sukhumvit 19.

Our business has expanded into a variety to cover a good number of choices for our clients. Our personnel has been developed through a system of careful sorting so that we may select capable employees into the system. All these have been aimed towards a better support of our service for clients. We have a substantial development via technology, plus constant arrangement in having our personnel trained. Also we have consistently planned in order to achieve steady growth for the Company, which is done annually.

In your opinion, what is the culture of CHAZ?
That is the thing that has been based mainly on trust, either from clients toward us, and vice versa. Other than that is our service which has always been prompt and centered on personal touch.

How would you persuade people to come and work for the Company?
I would base my approach on the fact that in this modern world, the feeling of apprehension among the mass in carrying on with daily life is inevitable. This may lead to further understanding that we all are dealing with risks, either in business or in anybody's daily life.

With these basic factors and elements, I do not think that it will be too difficult to convince people that joining the Company can bring prosperity into each and every one's future as well as career and also, the positive consequence for the society and the public will then be huge.

How would you look at yourself and the Company in the next 3-5 years?
I feel that we shall have to work hard. It may be realized that during these past years there have been more and more people who have stepped into insurance and insurance broker business, which, in turn, means more competition. Such a consequence means a much more difficult achievement for the job at hand. We therefore should be carrying out the following in a consistent manner:

  1. Our service will have to always be prompt.
  2. We have to establish or create new products which are not yet available in the insurance market.
  3. Consistent and continuous relationships with clients have to be maintained and enhanced.
  4. We must fetch and find secure insurers who are capable to join hands with us in every venture and predicament.

Those are our guarantee for growth and success.


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