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Claim Advocacy

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Claim Advocacy

When a claim happens, our CHAZ claim professionals are here to give advice, consultancy and advocacy. We liaise with insurers and make the necessary connections between your insurance policy, the facts of the incident and the insurer’s claim processes. Our long-standing relationships with various insurers allows us to ensure that any resolution can be solved and communicated swiftly and efficiently. We treat each claim with integrity and aim to provide fairness in each case.

Managing claims properly is hugely important in protecting the financial welfare of your business. After a loss, our professionals take care in all facets of the process. We handle everything from documentations for claim submission, preparation for follow-ups, status updates, loss reports and conveying red flag issues, the appropriate attention will be addressed comprehensively as further advice to prevent future occurrences will also be given. From successfully overturning denial of coverage to successfully increasing the claim payout, CHAZ is on hand to ensure coverage is maximized and liability is reduced, in order to get the compensation you deserve.


At CHAZ, there are various advantages that allow you to have a peace of mind with your claims. Whether your claim is motor, non-motor or health related, we have experts in each field to help you receive your deserved compensation. From complex litigation to routine claims, our professionals will provide objective evaluations and practical recommendations.
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