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Automobile and Automobile Parts

When the process is complex, little details matter, 
and when little details matter, the risk is immense.
In the automotive sector, technological advances have facilitated rapid growth, leading to new risks that require intricate care. Clearly, there is an increase in product recall and the risks within the cyber stratosphere have risen. Political unrest has also impacted the supply chain. With such high risks in the day to day operation, it is imperative that there are protocols in place to prevent such occurrences.


Running an auto dealership is no simple task, as there are multiple moving parts such as vehicle sales, vehicle detailing, servicing maintenance and other unique offers to clients to fend off competitors. With such a comprehensive approach, it is imperative to adequately protect any risks that may hinder the running of the business. A vehicle could get damaged under the dealerships’ care or the vehicles could get heavily destroyed from an unfortunate incident in the showroom. With insurance, the financial impact from these events occuring are drastically minimized.

Automobile Parts

A vehicle is manufactured through thousands of different parts and every component, no matter how big or small, is as crucial as the other. This can vary from a simple nut and bolt to more complex interior trims. Delays can lead to a host of catastrophic events, as it pauses the assembly line. Early arrivals can also be costly with increased overheads, highlighting the level of detail required for a seamless supply chain system. Not only can insurance protect against logistics, but it can also provide coverage for any problems in terms of functionality. Overall, insurance can financially protect your automobile business in numerous ways.


At CHAZ, we go above and beyond when we are servicing our clients. In combination with our industry expertise, you can be assured that we will put your interests at heart.

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