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The wholesale and retail industry is one of Thailand’s most prominent sectors, contributing to almost Three Trillion Thai Baht in its GDP. However, with success comes vulnerability, and the pandemic painfully captures how it all can unravel, as a 12% contraction epitomizes. In a fast-paced, dynamic and an increasingly competitive environment, the margin for error is small. Risks such as workers' compensation, cyber exposure, data breaches, both man-made and natural disasters, product contamination and domestic and international regulations, may hinder the potential of these firms. These challenges could damage reputation and halt operations, but with careful planning, the risks can be insulated, establishing a peace of mind as a result.


Retail includes all activities that involve the sale of goods or services by a company directly to a consumer. The retail sector consists of various categories, ranging from varying stock values, seasonal changes in stock and employees, modes of import, export, transit and customer traffic. The ability to act fast and meet customers’ needs and expectations is hugely important in such a dynamic market. To have continuity in satisfying customers requires constant improvement in operational infrastructure and technological advancements. Consequently, a number of risks is presented. Retails often have to deal with large numbers of transactions and with the transition to digital, any damage to information can have severe repercussions. Nonetheless, the transition to digitial has opened doors for smaller retailers to compete against large-scale retailers. This further highlights the importance of processing digitial risks digital risks appropriately.


In the wholesale sector, due to the common nature of its operations, a substantial amount of inventory is often required due to its demand, which has considerable risks. Aside from the basic fire insurance, it is also susceptible to property damage, theft and transit exposures. Consequently, your business operation or supplier could be halted, leading to a slew of delays in the supply chain. A top-notch protection management program is needed in order to not only minimize the chances of it happening, but also limit the damage on the off-chance that a claim arises.

Furthermore, as globalization has allowed consumers to have access to products from across the globe, your cash flow is also coming from all sorts of directions. Protecting your accounts receivable should be prioritized. With large sums of exports, you can do so by utilizing a carefully constructed trade credit program.


With an abundance of experience in the retail and wholesale sector, we have unquestionable expertise to navigate the maze of risks that may hinder your ability to run your business at your high standards. At CHAZ, we have access to the market’s frontier carriers and can provide comprehensive solutions with cost effective terms.

Important Disclosure

Through our vast experience, CHAZ Insurance Brokers Ltd. recognizes and understand that each and every business, organization and industry are unique in their own ways and can have completely different risks. Henceforth, the content provided are solely examples of the risks that may or many not be relevant to your business. To learn more, contact us on the form below.

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