Cancer can be devastating physically, mentally,
and financially.  Cancer insurance can alleviate
the pain and give you motivation to recover.

What is Cancer Insurance?

Every year, people are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer deteriorates not only physical and mental health, but can also impose a significant financial burden, as income can be compromised. The last thing you should worry when you or your loved ones is diagnosed with cancer is cost, and insurance can ease those fears considerably.

What does Cancer Insurance cover?

Essentially, it is a lump sum payment. The payout can be varied based on the plans you select. Depending on insurers, there may also be extension of coverage to certain types of cancer. However, policies may have certain pre-existing conditions of cancer and other types of diseases.

How important is Cancer Insurance?

Cancer insurance is especially important for those who will struggle to sufficiently cover the costs of treatment. Furthermore, having cancer can put a strain on the family as the complexity of the illness may inflict an array of involuntary consequences, with changes to lifestyle one of many repercussions that can be be emotional and difficult for the household to handle.

Who needs Cancer Insurance?

Despite one's conscious effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle, cancer is immune to no one and can creep up out of nowhere. Sometimes, you may find out too late and the costs can be excruciating. Hence, cancer insurance is especially useful for someone who may not have the means for treatment or those who are not able to afford adequate health insurance. Nonetheless, cancer insurance is relatively cheap so it does not hurt for anyone to consider, as ultimately, it can save cost in the long run, even if you think you can afford treatment or have competent health insurance coverage.

How much does a Cancer Insurance policy cost?

The only factor determining the cost is age. However, it does not go up frequently and the premiums are relatively cheap.


Having Cancer can not only take a toll on your physical well-being but also mentally and psychologically. Using CHAZ as your broker can minimize those stresses as we will handle those claims in your best interest.

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