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Sports and Recreation

Injuries happen, but you don't want it
to happen because of your inaction
There are countless activities that are played recreationally with each sport requiring various levels of physical strength and power. Sports in general are high risk anyway due to potential injuries and accidents, but without proper risk assessment and management, you run the possibility of a lawsuit which can inflict negative perception to your image.

Fitness Centers

As the emphasis for a healthier lifestyle continues, gyms and fitness centers will likely see an uptick in users and members. With that being said, the safety and well-being of users should be of high importance. As with all sports, there is a risk of injury and measures are needed to minimize the chance of it occurring. A weight could injure a user due to improper warning signs and legal action could be taken due to negligence. Consequently,  you could be in line for a hefty settlement fee. With insurance, your financial burden will be eased and you can have a peace of mind in running your business.


Rising in popularity, golf has taken tremendous leaps in terms of interest amassed among beginners. Although it can be somewhat pricey, more and more young people across all genders have started taking up the game. Nonetheless, there are certain risks that exist; whether that be accidents or equipment damage, insurance can provide a means to alleviate your concerns. There can be solutions to both golf courses and players.

Complex and Gymnasiums

No matter the sport that you are providing for your clients and members, there is a degree of risk involved. There may be unequal ground that causes slippages or accidents and a lawsuit may suddenly follow. As with sports, the chances of injuries are more frequent than other hobbies and occupations, but if the cause of injuries is from the surface or something that the location could have done better to avoid, given the cost an injury could cost, then you may get financially implicated. With insurance, the financial implications may soften.


At CHAZ, we intend to be holistic in our approach, understanding our clients background to find the optimum way to satisfy their needs. Whether that is through our claim services or our solution offerings, our dedication to be a cut above the rest is second to none.

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