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One mistake could be costly.
In the field of construction, there are significant risks and exposures. Every project and challenge has its own unique hurdles. The intricacies within the construction industry can often be overlooked. Whether it is contractors, service providers or suppliers, CHAZ have got you covered.


Employee injury is one of the most common incidents during a construction. Slips, trips and falls are almost inevitable as well as getting severely injured through improper use of heavy machinery. While insurance may financially compensate, safety training and manuals and enforced proper protective gear regulations can help reduce the chance of it occuring altogether. Injuries can also happen to third parties and compensation costs can add up. Moreover, your organization may be held liable should there be property damage or the quality of materials fall short of the client's requirement.

Owners and Developers

To build anything, there is risk involved. A successful erection starts with a successful design. When there is a problem and a loss occurs, there are financial implications for replacing machinery, personnel or property. With our expertise and experience in this field, we can provide guidance on details that matter, including wording nuances, maintenance of limits and evaluation of assets.

Service Providers

A building block to achieve success and deliver quality goods and services can be challenging and require the highest attention to detail in risk management. In fact, risk mitigation should be the core focus of your operation. Whether you are an engineer, an installation center, an operation repair or a supply or materials distributor, there are safety measures to consider.


As Bangkok continues to develop, high rise buildings, condominium developments, apartment complexes and shopping malls continue to erect across the city. At CHAZ, we understand that each project is unique and challenging in its own way. With extensive experience and a broad network of insurers, we can ensure that risks such as product and labour shortages, supply chain interruption and worker safety issues are identified and evaluated and solutions can be tailored with concrete coverage.

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