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But when it goes wrong, are you safe?

The education industry is the backbone that function as a foundation for kids to fulfill their dreams and reach their potential. An underherald importance of schools is that they can connect with every part of our communities; from teaching our children, helping our parents embrace the future and providing guidance for anyone in between. The impact education has is therefore unquestionable and the influence these educators have should not be taken for granted. As the rewards of education are high, there should be an emphasis on continuity in the workforce as well as having astute risk management.

Production and Manufacturing

A lot of effort and intake is put into each design, and the work often starts months before anyone ever sees the finished product. At times, however, there may be unintentional consequences, such as a design that may cause offense. Moreover, with advanced computing and automated procedures, more products can be manufactured and produced faster. However, should there be any malfunctions, the whole ecosystem can collapse, with devastating losses ensuing. This is due to potential delays Moreover, the vast majority of fashion is made from textile. Certain fabrics are more flammable than others and thus pose a big risk for fire, which may damage property or cause an injury. With an added impetus on the responsibility for our planet, it is also imperative to use materials that are green friendly. Future laws are likely to become stricter and there may be financial implications should carbon emissions exceed the expectation. This could also be mitigated with insurance.



Often when kids, or adults find their passion, there is a desire to hone their skills and improve as much as possible. For this to happen, a specialized teacher is often required. It is crucial to create an environment that allows these students to thrive. However, despite their best efforts, sometimes accidents happen, such as knocking a coffee onto the piano or hitting tennis balls on to the student. With insurance, any defence costs can be covered among a bevvy of additional benefits.


Retailing and Wholesaling

The most important aspect regarding stocks in fashion is that market demands for different seasons fluctuate dramatically and meticulous planning is needed in order to prevent overstock or understock. For retail, it is important to protect customers. A customer child could swallow a button from a shirt and then decide to take legal action. While insurance in this instance may not provide monetary benefits, it will help with legal defense and medical costs, all limiting damage to reputation. Moreover, retails often hold fashion shows and with the economy in turmoil, uncertainty often looms over the shoulder, and insurance can also help with such events.

For wholesalers, bulk selling is predominantly their business model. These deals are often made in credit. Any delayed payments or cancellations can cause a trickle down effect that can be expensive to repair. With insurance, you can protect yourself from such repercussions, allowing business continuity with a peace of mind


Ecommerce and Social Commerce.

In today’s day and age, businesses, especially in the fashion industry, rely massively on ecommerce and more recently social commerce. It gives convenience as the need to visit physical stores becomes redundant as well as allowing opportunities to penetrate new markets. When orders are coming from a new source, newer risks such as an overload of orders resulting in rushed deliveries or the server being hacked emerges.



At CHAZ, we are trusted by a number of high profile companies in the fashion industry and have an abundance of experience in processing claims and constantly providing rigorous assessments as the risks evolve.

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