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When everything is online,
you have to be prepared when another one bites the dust
Media and advertising companies have evolved over the course of the past decade as the rapid expansion into the digital stratosphere, including social media marketing and publishing, has changed how content is created and paid for. As such, the risks have also changed as access to information has never been greater. Negative reviews become more prevalent as word of mouth has never spread faster. Furthermore, as companies become more digital, the locations required to work becomes less bounded to a single place.

Digital Marketing

With an increase in reliance on digital technology, the demand for companies with high digital expertise has never been higher. Businesses have started to realize that brick-and-mortar models may not be efficient and sustainable in the long-run, as more firms continue to reorient their investment into the digital world. With high expectations, comes high risks, so it is important to recognize the potential damage it can cost firms should anything unfortunate happen. One single mistake can financially hurt your client and could lead to lawsuits. Thus, it is crucial to mitigate such risks with insurance and not have any regrets.


As the pandemic has demonstrated, businesses with high online reach can not only survive, but thrive during times of adversity. Although this is great and the world will only trend in this direction, there are unique challenges that need to be addressed accordingly. Data security represents a significant portion of the risk that entails with ecommerce companies, as unauthorized access to customer data or the dissemination of customer data continues to pose a big threat. These risks demonstrate an obligation to protect such data, especially for online merchants, as the potential liabilities are infinite should the information be compromised or exposed.


The media sector has transformed dramatically over the past few years. Almost everything is digital and thus the risks have also changed accordingly. At CHAZ, you can have assurance that we will be on top of any shift or trends in the industry, as we aim to provide extensive coverage at a competitive price.

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