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Technology is the future !
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The future of every industry in the world relies on technology. The potential of technology knows no boundaries, as more businesses will utilize machine learning and autonomous protocols in order to improve their efficiency and productivity. With that being said, any technological issues can almost halt the running of a business and inflict unprecedented financial losses. It is therefore imperative to protect your business with insurance before any losses are incurred.


Technological advancement within the sector has led to a drastic increase in competition in recent years. The trend is only going to continue as products and services continue to evolve, so it is highly recommended to concoct a plan, such as insurance, to adapt with the ever-changing technological world. Telecommunication companies are exposed to risks such as theft or vandalism of equipment, property damage, installation or specification mistakes, accidents to employees and maintenance of equipment. Such claims can lead to significant financial implications, from lawsuits to compensation to reputational damage. Further risks include malfunctioning equipment, improperly laid cables and cyber security threat.

Electronics and Hardware

The vast majority of companies depend on IT systems to run their businesses. Its smooth operation and feasibility is incredibly important as it can enable an increase in productivity, enhance creativity and ensure that there are no hiccups or delays. However, when there are problems, it can severely interrupt the business and cause a loss of income. A complete breakdown in the system could potentially lead to lawsuits as you could become liable for the cost of failure.


With an abundance of software programs in existence, and its growth is only rising, the chances that an unintentional copyright infringement occurrence is not as slim as you might think. Insurance allows you to protect developers should any legal action is taken from the owners. Furthermore, there is a huge reliance from business on the efficient use of its software. Should any of the programs be deemed unfit for purpose, it could waste the client’s time and money, leading to legal action against you.

Technological Services

It is common knowledge that businesses today relies heavily on information technology, which in turn helps drive the industry's growth even further. But there is one thing that is often overlooked and not talked about enough. Given the pressure for companies to succeed, IT providers are increasingly vulnerable to litigation for alleged failure to deliver or perform as per requirements. This could impact the industry’s integrity massively, leaving the industry exposed. The fast-paced nature of the industry has led to some impeccable successes but it is also important to protect the risks and reputation with insurance.



With unlimited potential for growth, the technology industry will be at the forefront of the world’s economy. At CHAZ, we realize and understand the importance it brings and continue to work to help protect the companies in the industry. In an ever changing sector, we understand how the risks will also continue to evolve as we continue to innovate our protection coverages as the trend shifts.

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