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Inland Transit

Your product breaks before arriving to your client premises.
What do you do?

What is Inland Transit Insurance?

Essentially, an inland transit policy is a transportation insurance policy. Typically, it covers all types of goods during transportation as well as damage to ships, cargo terminals or marine infrastructure.

What does Inland Transit Insurance cover?

Although there are nuances in each cover that can be specific to your needs and different to one another, the typical coverage is as follows: 

  • Accidental damage - physical damage that occurs as a result of an unexpected and non-deliberate external action
  • Insured events - events nominated by the insurer, commonly known as fire, collision, overturning covers
  • Collision - damage caused due to the collision of the vehicle, vessel, train, aeroplane tha carries the cargo. It may be a collision between two carriers or it might involve the carrier hitting a stationary object such as a crane, bridge, wall, crane, or tree
  • Dropping of cargo during loading and unloading
  • Fire, explosion, lightning
  • Malicious damage
  • Marine liability
  • Inland marine

Is Inland Transit Insurance important?

It is a policy that is often overlooked, yet can be so crucial to businesses. Even if there's no shipment over sea, it essentially provides coverage from point A to point B. Should any of the products go missing or break during the transportation of a third party, compensation can be made per the policy. With globalization, orders are filled from around the world and the risks continue to surge, so it is highly important to fill this gap in your insurance policy.

Who needs Inland Transit Insurance?

Businesses who transport goods, no matter how close or far, would find an in-land transit policy beneficial to their long term security. It allows protection of materials, stocks and other crucial assets during transit as the policy insures against loss, damage or theft during transportation. Thus, if you are a retailer or wholesaler who relies on a third party courier for transporting goods or the third party courier itself, then an in-land transit policy can help protect the financial security of your business.

How much does an Inland Transit Insurance policy cost?

The premium will vary from one policy to another as the following factors play a part in determining the price:

  • Type of cargo
  • Packaging
  • Voyage
  • Type of vehicle(s)
  • Amount insurance
  • Type of coverage


 At CHAZ, we always try to be thorough in understanding each and every businesses. Our reccommendation are based on experiences and unique risks that each businesses faces. With in-land transit insurance, we always pursue a hollistic approach in order to have clients goods protected at every point of transport.

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The content provided is for informational and educational purposes only. The coverage written may not be applicable to all situations and policies. Terms, conditions and qualifications are also subject to circumstance and supplementary material. For more information, please contact us via the enquiry form below..

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