Meet the CEO

Strong personal relationships are at the core of our business. When my father founded this company over 50 years ago, his goal was to treat all clients, insurers and business partners with integrity. That’s how CHAZ Insurance Brokers has been built on. And to this day, that foundation of honesty and trust remains the guiding light in our organization.

Building a company culture of honesty and trust starts with our people. We train our team members to provide correct, most up-to-date insurance information to our clients. We teach them to treat our clients with utmost respect, and we do everything we can to ensure their contentment. Satisfied team members create satisfied clients. And at CHAZ Insurance Brokers, that’s what we care about - providing our valued clients with the best service possible.

Of course, insurance business isn’t the same today as it was in 1966. That is why we combine our depth of insurance knowledge with modern tools of today. We stay on top of industry trends, but we also use IT advancements and the power of the internet as leverage to run our business more efficiently and make the customer feel more at ease than ever.

While the method we operate our business has and will inevitably change over the years, one thing that will never change is our commitment to our clients. You will always be the heart of our business. And as my father graciously served our clients decades ago, it is my mission to do the same.

Manoj Chawla ACii
Chief Executive Officer

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